What is “A Memory, A Monologue, A Rant and A Prayer?”

17 Apr

The show A Memory, A Monologue, A Rant and A Prayer is an evening of stories, from the book of the same name, curated by Eve Ensler.  These stories will be told by our lovely actors and performers, including Nick BoultonJumoké Fashola, Ninia Benjamin and a whole host of Peckham + nearby locals too.

The stories are by writers as diverse as Edward Albee, Michael Cunningham and Kathy Najimy and feature many different perspectives on violence against women and girls.

These writings are inspired, funny, angry, heartfelt, tragic, and beautiful. But above all, together they create a true and profound portrait of this issue’s effect on every one of us…

Book for the show now at http://vdaylondon2012.eventbrite.co.uk/

See you there!



V Day London on the radio!

9 Apr

listen to: V Day London on the radio! (from 2hrs31m)

our lovely actors Jumoké Fashola and Ninia Benjamin talk about the shows, (Vagina Monologues, A Memory, A Monologue), Samantha Brick, the despairing lack of local Aldis, and WOMEN… Seriously hilarious and beautiful xxx

Also check out the whole of Jumoké’s brilliant show as she stands in for Eddie Nestor.

a cold night in Peckham

21 Mar

well, turns out putting on two different plays to raise money for charity is really helped by the development of something called A PROJECT PLAN.  So thanks, to Phyl, who came out to ‘the office‘ on this cold spring night to sort me right out on that front – coercing me into creating this organising thing. She’s also someone you should check out as she is a brilliant life coach and mentor doing great things supporting artists at Central St Martin’s.

I might actually sleep a little easier tonight as there’s something about putting everything that needs to be done in one coherent document, kind of like a more complex to-do list, that allows one to take a moment to breathe.  I feel like I can see more clearly the roles and responsibilities of all involved and move towards a more strategic approach to my daily tasks.  Ha ha ha! Here’s hoping! OK, that’s too many boring type words in one paragraph already! I’m the artist here and my creative brain just wasn’t doing too well with all this adminny stuff. But it’s all better now and I can get on with the business of wearing skirts and eyeliner and pondering on the dream of what my stage will look like and how my actors might inhabit the physical world the script explores… LEFT BRAIN RIGHT BRAIN in a constant struggle most days.

I’m still gleeful over the rate at which tickets are selling!  And mega cheers for all the volunteers out there plastering Peckham and East Dulwich with our flyers.  You’re awesome!

Now here’s some exciting news – Eve Ensler is performing in London with a whole host of celebrities- Rosario Dawson, Meera Syal, Trudie Styler, Neneh Cherry and a whole bunch more! AND – they’re doing A Memory, A Monologue, A Rant and A Prayer – it’s going to be amazing!  It’s this Monday coming at the Lyric, Shaftesbury Avenue – check it out: http://www.nimaxtheatres.com/lyric-theatre/a_memory_a_monologue_a_rant_and_a_prayer

We’ll have a few peeps up there handing out flyers as Eve has very kindly given us permission to do so, please do come by and say hello if you’re going to the event, or if you can’t get tickets, then you can come and see our version 🙂 The great thing about MMRP (our shorthand for the piece!) is that it’s actually made up of over 30 different pieces and you just pick ten, so it will be a totally different work to ours, so in fact – if you’re seeing that – then come see ours too!

ok, I better go catch up on the aforementioned sleep! over and out.

general admin :)

21 Mar

alright then – a busy day in the director’s diary 🙂 having been absent for a few days from here (had to finish some music homework – arranging a jazz standard for a seven piece band – zoiks!) i stumbled blinking out into the spring sunshine in search of today’s V Day London TO DO list.

first off – we signed off on the new V Day london logo today – check this baby out:


i totally love it. massive thanks to Mar Rubio who is our artwork queen on all things V this year.

Next people to give a massive shout out to are Molly of The Victoria Inn and the lovely Matthew who Molly has sent to aid me in my hour of mailing list need.  You will shortly be receiving mail!  Not on the list? Email me at vdaylondon@gmail.com and I’ll put you on it.  It will have the latest news and info about the shows plus potentially some ticket deals further down the line – TBC!

Also today we had a smashing meet up with some of the hardcore members of the crew and volunteers.  We discussed everything, meeting the new FOH manager, kindly introduced to us by Deputy Sarah – whose blog and other amazing charity happenings you must check out.  We also did a bit of Q&Aing on where we’re at with people who’ve come along to lend support, giving our documentary filmmaker a bit of a feel for how we roll, and entertaining a lone actress who travelled all the way from Birmingham due to some unfortunate admin mishaps.  Although it was lovely to see her and now that I have Gemma aboard I’m looking forward to these things not happening any more.  A Deputy Stage Manager – I’ve never come across one of these before, but she is worth her weight in gold!

I also think I might have met my saviour, in the form of Phyl, who is meeting with me to create a project plan – A WHAT?! We all cried! Imagine – a document where all the different areas of responsibility and action areas sit so everyone can get a clear idea of the workflow.  Well, I for one am very excited about this!  Apparently it will also help me to delegate, something which I am entirely unfamiliar with…

And finally supper in The Old Nun’s Head, where movement director Angela, DSM Gem and I thrashed out the plan for the first big group rehearsal for the whole cast for both shows which happens next week.  I can’t wait to get into a room with all those actors and start the real creative stuff – I’m still on the other side at the moment, fretting about ticket sales and production worries, but once I’m in a room with the performers and start to see the shows taking place I’m pretty sure my faith will be renewed.  Very much looking forward to Tuesday.

And finally a bit of Facebook admin, uploading the new logo and just checking in and keeping the social networking flowing.  Something the lovely Jezza is also helping us out with (there might even be some videos of me chatting about all of this hiding on the interwebs – courtesy of Jezza!)

Link to the Facebook events is here: https://www.facebook.com/vdaylondon/events

The link to buy tickets to the two shows is here: http://vdaylondon2012.eventbrite.co.uk/

Tickets are actually selling faster than I thought, it’s only three shows of each play so not really that many seats anyway – and I have to remember that the same thing happens every year, and I’ve been doing this for four years now – we always sell out!  So, if you are thinking of coming along, go get your tickets now, because I always feel bad when people turn up on the night and there’s nothing left for them!

OK – time I crashed out I think. Back soon with another instalment of the news here at V Day London mission control.


a quiet day!

16 Mar

I didn’t get chance to do a huge amount of V-Day stuff today as I’m also busy running my own business!  But, a few things have happened – very excited to be talking to Ninia Benjamin, a long time supporter of V-Day London about appearing in the show, just a few things to iron out and we’ll have a full cast and character list for you all.

I also popped out to the Peckham Library and dropped off a few flyers – hoping some local avid reading fans will head over to the Bussey at the end of April!  As I was leaving I came across some lovely young women who seemed like just the sort of local community representatives we need at the show and involved in the show. I invited them to come and join in with the V-girls project we’re hoping to launch, so fingers crossed! When we got chatting about all this they said they too were having a show and everyone’s welcome.  It’s at a church up on Ivydale Rd – number 149, in Nunhead and I’m pretty sure it’ll be very lively as they were such a bright bunch – it’s on from today until Saturday so if you’re passing do pop in!

Then, this evening I was booked in to run a session doing a bit of filmmaking with a fabulous young theatre group over in Dagenham, and following that I tore into Soho to see Expectation Management, a short film I worked on from which I’m hoping to poach a few actors for MMRP 😉  It was another good opportunity for a bit of networking and handing out flyers too. And the film came out well, it’ll be up on youtube later tonight so I’ll post the link on my twitter at some point.

Well, I shall stop wittering on as it’s very late and I’ve a long old day tomorrow.  Just a few last minute emails to send, keeping in touch with my lovely team, and then I’m off to sleep like a log!

Night night!

Emma Jane

also attached – another photo of inspirational Peckham.. i’m instagram crazy me! Which reminds me – read this article by Gary, I’m telling everyone about it!


Director’s Diary #1

15 Mar

Emma Jane - Directing... photo by Alicia Clarke

Emma Jane reporting! As director / producer of the shows I have my foot in 2 camps – one is getting bums on seats! In fact maybe both jobs are about getting bums on seats! But as producer it’s, well – financial, and as director it’s bringing people in with the creative draw – a solid cast, set etc – putting on a good show. So – in the interests of this blog being somewhere interesting for people to land (producer hat?) when they look up our web address, I’m going to try to keep a Director’s Diary!

Since we decided to go ahead and put on the shows in hmm, maybe January (Sarah – can you remember?), it’s been full steam ahead. There’s not really enough time to take a breather, it’s all going to be done and dusted by the end of April, and in the world of theatre, a couple of months is a very short time! Since January we’ve posted notices for volunteers and actors, recruited, held auditions, cast, littered the social networks with news of our bold aims, set up this website, had the lovely Mar Rubio create beautiful flyers, which we’ve printed and are in the process of distributing and taken on a plethora of dedicated crew members. It’s just all go.

So – ‘Dear Diary’ – today has been a lovely day. First thing I saw when I woke up this morning was a text from our DSM (Deputy Stage Manager) Gemma asking if there was anything she could do – what more could a director want?! with a team like this I feel like we could achieve anything! So she’s wrangling with our rehearsal schedule right now – oh yes – I always have something for her to do! We’ve got this cast made up of amazing people all giving their time for nothing – so it’s been really tough trying to find a schedule that works for everyone and doesn’t get in the way of other commitments, or you know – earning a living!

Actors at work in The Bussey Building photo by Alicia Clarke

In the afternoon I went on a little flyering tour of Peckham – the lovely people at the Peckham Space have our flyers up now, they’re also on display at the home of our staunch supporters (and occasional office!) The Victoria Inn, and in the coming few days one lovely v-angel is heading off to distribute about 300 flyers all up and down the local neighbourhood – so if you’re local keep an eye out – you can’t really miss our flyers – they’re so pretty!

Also today I had a meeting with a lovely actor chap – dear Nick Boulton – who journeyed to us from Brighton, braving the wilds of SE15 for the first time to go through the part I’m keen to cast him in. It’s always rather fun inviting people to Peckham for the first time, they’re never sure what to expect! I’m sure he had a champion afternoon, helped by a swift pint in the Vic of course!

And then this evening v-teamster Ciara and I went along to the Peckham Vision meeting. We got to hear all about the plan for Peckham’s glorious future, with all manner of exciting things about to happen with the refurbishment of the Peckham Rye station and surrounds. It was also, of course, a fantastic opportunity to let local people know that we’re puttin’ on a show. We received such a lovely warm response from everyone there and handed out lots of flyers.

And finally, my most exciting meeting of the day was with our new designer Stewart. We wandered around the empty room on the 3rd floor of The Bussey Building and began to dream up all manner of thrilling ideas for the set. That empty room is quite something, it’s huge! Stand in different parts of it and you get all sorts of different imaginings of what can be done. Primarily I realised that I really am happy to have brought V Day London home to Peckham, to my yard, and I think the show is going to be a real celebration of that, of my big love for Peckham! Firstly because I’ve cast so may local people and so many of our crew are South Londoners, but also because I think our set design may go down the route of a big nod to the surrounding area, which is so rich in inspiration. The monologues in both shows are characters that one might easily stumble upon on the Rye Lane – we may just venture down that very lane as inspiration for the design too.

Well – I’m just super excited to feel it all coming together right now so don’t mind me! I’d best get off to dream on it…


Emma Jane

this pic is one of my ‘fours’ instagram series of just the kind of thing going on in Peckham’s unique and colourful ‘design’ 🙂



3 Mar

look at these beauties!
ALSO – tickets on sale!

beautiful v-day london flyers by Mar Rubio